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You Can’t Ever Truly Be Happy


Here you can find some of my brief thoughts and earlier blog posts. Most of my writing is now available under the "Published Pieces" tab.

You Can’t Ever Truly Be Happy

Anna Nti-Asare

Why can’t they just let us be?

Let us live, eat, celebrate, breath?

They love our culture but hate our tones.

They take our songs but break our bones.


We all just want to be happy…

When you’re Black it doesn’t matter

What you do, or accomplish

You’re heart is scattered,

Sadder than most

It’s always at the back of your mind

You move on, then they do it again

They just don’t like our kind

and kill more of our men


But why can’t they just let us be?

Let us play, mourn, rise, succeed?

They love our music but hate our skin.

They use and abuse, never letting us win.


When injustice happens around the world

The US stands on a pedestal

Rallying armies with the flag unfurled

But when America kills its own

Who’s job is it to intervene?

Who is supposed to rescue our women?

Who would rescue me?


Because I want them to just let us be

Let us enjoy, rest, work, sleep

They love our food but hate our lives

They kick, punch, and cut us with knives


You know, I wish we lived alone sometimes

I wish we took all our things with us too

Our culture, music, food, athletes, celebrities

Before their introduction of guns, drugs, booze


It’s just that I want to be happy

See, my birthday is on July 14th

And Trayvon’s verdict came out the day before.

We celebrate our anniversary on December 3rd

The same day justice for Eric Garner was ignored

And do you even know what happened on the 2nd?

Rumain Brisbon fell at the hands of a cop’s weapon

When you celebrate with family over Christmas dinner

You shouldn’t forget the killing of Tyisha Miller

When it comes time for New Years hugs

Don’t let yourself forget about Eula Love.

Some days it all just feels like a myth

Some dream, actually some nightmare

But then you read about Yvette Smith

Or you don’t,

because we often forget the women

even when we’re killed by the same villain


You know what they’ve taken away?

It would be easier to say what they haven’t

Then they pretend we’re the criminals

When they get away as free assasins


See? You can’t ever truly be happy

Because no matter what you do or achieve

You live life knowing that at any moment

They’ll do another something you just can’t believe.