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12 Things that Happen When You Date a Politician


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12 Things that Happen When You Date a Politician

Anna Nti-Asare

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m making this blog post about my fella. Sorry if you think it’s corny or annoying, I’m doing it anyways because he deserves a shout-out every now and then. He’s a handsome guy, with a heart of gold, a great sense of humor, and… he’s a politician. He doesn’t always like to admit it, but he is and so I’ve decided to write about something I don’t often talk about. It is something I think you’ll find interesting, unique, and hopefully funny.

“12 things that happen when you date a politician” (DISCLAIMER – I’m not sure what it’s like to date any other politician so I’m really just speaking about him):

1)   When he sleep-talks he instructs you to knock on doors and leave campaign flyers if they don’t answer. When you laugh or act confused he gets frustrated and says: “we still have 20 more houses to cover!”

2)   If he leaves for trips and people ask you where he’s gone you just say “I have no idea, I lost track a long time ago. He’s probably giving some speech somewhere”

3)   He reschedules Valentine’s day plans because he gets invited to attend a summit with the president of the United States

4)   He’s late to dinner because he gets caught up organizing a community event for high schoolers

5)   You find yourself strangely upset with the president and with high schoolers for taking him away from you

6)   He makes you feel like the most interesting person in the world, but then when you attend events together you see that he has a way of doing this for everyone…

7)   His arguing strategies are seriously superb. Tough luck if you get caught quoting something incorrectly, he always finds the technicalities in anything you say. “I thought you said I didn’t text back 3 times, now it’s 2? Well things really aren’t adding up here”

8)   Whenever you’re around other people he’s the most energetic person in the world but when you get time alone he seems to always fall asleep

9)   His reasons for not doing things that you’ve asked him to do are really good and so hard to criticize. “I didn’t clean up because I’m stressing out about the homicide rates…” Well how are you going to get mad now?

10)  When you both have free time, you have no idea what’s going on.

11)  A Saturday that doesn’t require knocking on doors is the best thing since the invention of ice cream

12)  You know how much you mean to him because no matter how many meetings he has scheduled, how many phone calls he needs to respond to, how many people there are yelling at him for things that really don’t concern him at all - when you’re having a bad day he drops everything to take you out for some froyo and make sure you’re okay. And whenever you accomplish anything he shows you and the rest of the world that you’re a superstar and he’s your #1 fan.